Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Cook Rice Rice Cooker? and How to Choose a Good Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers are ideal for preparing steamed rice and keeping them warm even with cooking. They've an insulated case with a removable cooking pot along with a heater that controlled by way of thermostat can be found relating to the two containers. The cooking pot is calibrated to make sure proper proportions of water and rice.

How rice is cooked

Water and rice are poured in at the beginning of the cooking, and the water is heated to boiling point hence the rice can absorb it to inflate. Following preset time, the remainder water is boiled away as well as the machine switches to "keep warm" mode or shuts down. Below are a few models along with the ways on what they cook your rice:

Basic cookers

Also called as on/off rice cookers, they automatically block off following the rice cooks nonetheless they haven't any indicator lights and their pans are regular aluminum, not non-stick. They may be cheaper but have fewer featuers.

Cook/keep warm

These cookers exchange signal of lower temperatures after cooking to keep the rice warm. They've got steamer baskets to cook other foods in addition to rice.

Fuzzy logic

Basic ones they can double for other recipes like sushi, brown rice, and porridge merely because might be set to cook different rice textures like soft and hard rice. Next to your skin keep-warm modes, bigger steamer baskets, and automatic timers.

Induction heating cooker

Another fuzzy logic rice cooker that conducts heat from the bottom upwards. They atone for measuring errors and supply even cooking. They're also efficient considering that the power can be used for cooking instead of for generating heat.

Buying rice cookers

In purchasing a rice cooker, confirm the material (non-stick or Teflon-coated), the indicator lights, and security measures. Understand that aluminum, steel, and copper pots aren't made for induction cookers. Clear glass lids are ideal if you would like monitor the cooking.


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