Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Singapore Chilli Chicken Recipe

Deep-fried chicken served with spicy sauce has an expression as Singapore chilli chicken. It is a favorite dish in Singapore. Delicious in taste and appears really attractive while served.

Ingredients for this recipe:

500 grams of chicken white meat, 2 tablespoons oil, garlic, chopped 5-6 cloves Ginger, chopped 1 inch section of ketchup 2 tablespoons chili sauce 2 tablespoons salt to taste, cornstarch / 1 tbsp cornstarch, tabasco, 1 teaspoon, Egg 2, MSG 1 / 4 tl, scallion greens 2-3.

Preparation Way for Singapore Chilli chicken recipe:

Cut the chicken so that you can one . 5 inches pieces. Heat oil pan, add chopped garlic, ginger and fry for just two minutes. Add ketchup, chili sauce and 1 / 2 of the mix. Add single serving water and mix.

In the event the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5-10-20 minutes. Meanwhile by subtracting waste chicken within a bowl. Add salt, remaining chili sauce, cornstarch, crushed cayenne pepper in half and mix well. Add whole egg and mix well.

Heat enough oil in wok and fry the chicken pieces and make sure they tend not to overcook.

Fry over high temperature for 02:58 minutes in color. Drain on absorbent paper. Add the salt and crushed cayenne pepper sauce and mix well. Add MSG, and cornstarch mixed with water.

Cook while stirring, prior to the sauce thickens. Arrange on plate with fried chicken. Ram down eggs.

Remove sauce from heat and slowly add the beaten egg flow. Mix gently and pour above the fried chicken. Garnish with scallion greens and serve hot.

Tips used while preparing:

1. Preparation time: 15-twenty or so minutes
2. Servings: 4 persons
3. Cooking time: 25-a half-hour


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