Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ten Tips for Taking Care of Handmixers

The do 's and don'ts for keeping handmixers in great shape Handmixers reduce cooking time, and have reduce the toil that's frequently related to kitchen tasks. Amongst other things, they are used to beat egg-whites, whip cream, mash potatoes, and mix cake batter.

For heavier work, the heavyweight counterpart of hand mixers --the stand mixers--are preferred.

The hand mixer, to be sure today, includes three parts: beaters, a motorized unit, and an electrical cord.

Your body in the hand mixer is frequently cased in plastic even though the beaters are created from metal. It is the beaters that whomp up a frenzy of action when they're submerged from the food ingredients.

TLC tricks for your Handmixer

1. Pick the correct mixer to do the job you need to do. Selecting the right hand mixer to complete the job is probably the main step up keeping this appliance working properly.

2. Look at product manual that is included with your mixer.

3. Place your handmixer close to your baking station to use stand position making certain cords are not dangling, or near hot surfaces.( you don't want little hands pulling the mixer off of the counter)

4. Clean the beaters once use. The best way is merely to agitate them in a bowl or cup of warm water and soap. Leave the beaters coupled to the mixer, whirl over the water and soap until clean,

then rinse and air dry. Never put your beaters inside dishwasher, where they will get bent or rust after some time.

5. Wipe the handmixer clean after use with a warm soapy rag to loosen any batter through the surface. Don't scrub with a rough textured scrubber, it could scratch and damage the counter.

Never immerse your electric mixer in water.

6. Clean the vents around speed controls or near batter attachments that has a dry brush to get rid of any flour or batter which could have entered them

7. Wipe the electrical cord which has a damp cloth then dry with a dry cloth in order to avoid moisture from being placed in crevices,

8. Never unplug the mixer while it is running and don't unplug by pulling for the cord. Inspect the mixer after use to insure it is in good electrical condition previous to its next use.

9. Inspect the cord length checking for breaks or weak spots especially at plug end. Carefully coil the dry cord and secure that has a stretch band. Don't wrap it across the mixer.

10. Store your mixer along with the attachments in the handy place, perhaps next to your baking area.

With this type of care your handmixer will be beneficial for several years sometime soon.


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