Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ways to Clean and maintain Your meat grinder

Manual Meat Grinders are typically made from the next parts:

    One's body or Head
    The Bushing
    The Auger or Worm Gear
    Auger Stud
    Handle Arm
    Handle Screw and/or Bolt
    Knife and/or Blade
    Grinding Plate(s)
    Stuffing Attachments (if included)

I know there are many parts with regards to the type of the Meat Grinder. However, for this, the listed items above should are designed to illustrate the points made. Understanding what parts you've got is necessary to assemble and disassemble the grinder properly. Use the product list and keep available and soon you memorize what exactly is necessary to good care for, clean and maintain your meat grinder. Despite the fact that have an exceptional memory, I still recommend with all the product list.

Before first use every use thereafter, disassemble the grinder and hand wash in warm or hot water and soap to clean up and take away any fat or sinew through the grinding plates. Use a nylon or plastic brush to eliminate items of fat, meat or sinew. Never use a steel brush when cleaning a Meat Grinder! This may scratch the grinder causing harm that will permanently damage the merchandise. This is applicable to Aluminum, Chrome, Cast Iron, Iron, Stainless-steel, and Tinned Iron grinders.

Washing all cooking food products before first use and continuing after each meal preparation is necessary before continuing while using the next thing. Never soak an Aluminum, Iron, "Tinned-Iron," Cast Iron, Chrome and Stainless Steel Meat Grinder in water. Corrosion may be the first and immediate problem occurring after prolonged exposure to water. I define 'Prolonged time-frame' as more one (1) to 3 (3) minutes. It is obviously not very much time.

Rust and water spots are classified as the second problems caused from soaking all metal products in water. Water spots generally wipe clean when towel drying. Water spots even show while using the hot cycle on your dishwasher. By using a cotton towel to dry all metal products is mandatory. Aluminum corrodes easily and doesn't rust. Chrome chips and peels over time all of which will corrode and rust. Stainless-steel does rust too plus corrodes at the same time. Significantly less quickly as other metals, almost all corrodes and rusts. Detail doesn't convince one to towel dry and wash which has a plastic or nylon brush, than there is little change.

Electric Meat Grinders warrant specific steps. Never assemble, disassemble, or clean an electric product as you move the plug is within an outlet. Make a point your grinder instructions recommend cleaning which has a dishwasher. Most are not. Many products advertised as being "dishwasher-safe" disregard the product instructions. This term is strictly an advertising and marketing or marketing strategy stressing that the method either "low-maintenance" or "maintenance-free." Every product at home requires maintenance + cleaning and electric meat grinders aren't different.

Follow your product list and instructions for assembly and disassembly before each cleaning. The auger or worm gear usually requires food grade silicone with the blades (knife) and plates (grinding Plates). Be cautious on the threads on screws plus the retaining nut. The threads are fine and strip easily. Use perfect time with a few moments to plan your meal preparation process. Cleaning tweaking your meat grinder ensures a lengthier relationship you will have using this type of product. The longer the connection, the enhances the money it can save by using a Meat Grinder as being a balanced diet preparation product.

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